Idan Wizen is a French-Israeli artist-photographer, whose works have been exhibited from New York to Osaka, and of course, Paris. Among his notable works, he founded in 2009 the project Un Anonyme Nu Dans Le Salon

His works have in common his unwavering desire to make the viewer think, to push him to understand an often unique and surprising point of view, leading to both societal and individual reflection. 

Born on October 26, 1984 in Tel Aviv, he grew up in Paris and immersed himself in both cultures. In 2002, he joined the University of Paris II Panthéon-Assas to begin studies in economics and management, which he later turned to advertising and art direction. In 2008, he graduated with a master’s degree from Sup de Pub as well as from the University of the Arts of London. 

His irrepressible need to express himself pushed him to produce, from the beginning of his professional life, photographic works. This practice allows him to express his feelings, his emotions as well as the intellectualization of his vision of humanity. 

He stands out not only by working mostly with everyday people, but also by his specific management of light and his direction of the model that bring out of his images a unique feeling, an atmosphere that is both dreamlike and ultra-realistic. His works have been shown in more than 40 exhibitions on 3 continents and have impressed international juries who, over the years, have granted him more than 50 prizes and awards. 

The diversity of his works underlines his constant desire to explore and innovate, to constantly create unique images, and to give free rein to his creativity without ever worrying about those who wish to lock art into boxes. 

Although diverse, his works have in common the underlying idea of sanctifying the freedom often constrained and prevented by our own apprehensions.